Sophia & Muriel

Over 3 ½ years ago, my Husband and I went to The Harrisburg Area Humane Society, as we were ready to expand our home by “8 Kitty Paws”. We visited the shelter 2 times before Baby Gurl, now known as Sophia (the tuxedo) and London, now known as Muriel (the calico), made it apparent they wanted to meet us by rubbing on their respective cage doors, meowing and playfully swatting at us as we walked past the rows upon rows of cats just waiting for that “right” person to take notice of them. During our introduction, Muriel, who was one of the “plus-sized beauties”, seemed to be interested in me and I fell in love with her and thought, “Oh, yeah, this chubby girl is gonna be my baby!”, while my Husband seemed to favor Sophia, who could care less about me being in the room, she was All ‘Bout Him! Little did we know, they had other plans for us, Muriel turned her affections to my husband, while I found I had a little shadow in Sophia. We can’t help but to laugh every time Muriel comes a’runnin when I open the cabinet that houses the cat treats, as she lacks the grace and elegance of a, more petite, shall we say, cat and well, with Sophia, the mixture of some cat nip and a laser pointer produces gymnast-antics that boarders on “Olympic Gold Worthy”! We can’t imagine our lives today without them and fall in love with them more and more with each passing day!

After going through the adoption process, and having the opportunity during our visits to speak with Volunteers, Kennel Staff and Front Desk Staff, we felt the calling to become Volunteers, we simply started out as Cat Socializers, then we thought, “We have room in our home and hearts to start Fostering!” I can’t believe how much satisfaction we get from caring for the countless litters of kittens, soon-to-be-moms and cats with special medical needs that have left their paw prints on our hearts. Even though we are now up to 4 cats and a dog, our house feels so empty when we don’t have any fosters. These days, we are not just Cat Socializers anymore, most week-ends, you can find us out and about at different events promoting all the services that The Harrisburg Area Humane Society offers, my Husband also trained to be a Dog-Walker. So between the Cat Socializing, Dog Walking, covering the table at Events, and Fostering, we met a lot of Staff, Fellow Volunteers and Foster Parents and Supporters of the Harrisburg Area Humane Society and we are proud to call every one of them Friends!

I can only hope that at least 1 person reads this, and feels inspired to stand up and become a voice for all the residents of The Harrisburg Area Humane Society!


Stephanie Anne and Robert Griffith, IV

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We are currently in need of Non-clumping (clay) cat litter, Liquid Laundry detergent, Paper towels, Hand soap, Ziplock style sandwich baggies (any brand), 13 and 60 Gallon Trash bags, Purina Healthy Weight Cat Chow (orange bag- dry food), Purina ONE Sensitive Stomach cat food (dry food), Kitten canned food (any brand), Soft and chewy dog treats, Gift cards for Gasoline (for animal transport and cruelty investigations); Pet Stores (for animal supplies and food), Local stores (Walmart, Weis, Giant, Home Depot, Lowes- for emergency supplies and building repairs); Office Supply Stores (paper, ink cartridges, etc). If you'd like to help out, please drop some off at the shelter!

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We have several dogs and cats that are looking for a foster home.  If you think you may be able to help, please visit our Fosters Needed page.


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