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Harrisburg Magazine Features HSHA

The Heart of the Matter - For the Furriest of Friends
Featured in Harrisburg Magazine | February 2016 Issue | page 31-34

The toughest of felines often have the softest hearts, says Devon Geduldig of Mechanicsburg.

After moving into her apartment and living there for a few months, she decided it was time to take on a roommate – a fury feline named Spotts.

The moment she walked into the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Geduldig had a connection with the 9-year-old cat. When she brought him home in June, the bond between cat and owner was unbreakable. They spent nights together cuddling on the couch, Saturday afternoons playing with catnip and hours chasing the latest squeaker toy.

While Geduldig and Spotts were happy, something seemed to be missing for the furry friend, Geduldig says.

“I didn’t like the fact that Spotts was alone all day while I was at work,” she says. “He just seemed like the kind of cat that needed a companion.”

Geduldig remembered hearing that Spotts had arrived at the Humane Society with a litter mate – his sister, Lucky Charms. The two were separated when their previous owner, who had the cats since birth, was diagnosed with cancer and could no longer care for the animals. While Spotts adjusted pretty well to shelter life and was moved to the adoption floor, Lucky Charms was struggling to get used to her new surroundings.

The staff at the Humane Society kept her in the administrative office where she could be socialized and hopefully learn to adjust to her new surroundings.

After meeting Lucky Charms in person, Geduldig says, she instantly fell in love with Spotts’ sibling. It was time for Lucky Charms to come to her new home.

Nervous about how the two cats would act after being reunited, Geduldig carried Lucky Charms in her carrier straight to her bathroom where she closed the door and hoped Spotts would let the new arrival take in the feel of her home.

But as soon as Spotts noticed there was a critter hiding behind the bathroom door, he started meowing, sticking his paws under the door and trying sneaky ways of getting to his sister.

“He had never acted that way before,” Geduldig says. “His reaction was so intense, but not aggressive or angry, he just wanted to get to her.”

When she cracked open the door, Spotts ran to his sister and the two smelled each other before purring, rubbing against each other and later snuggling in a pile of blankets in pure contentment.

While Lucky Charms still seemed nervous for a few days, Geduldig says, she followed her brother around and let him show her how things worked in their new home. Not only did the new arrival help Lucky Charms shake off her shelter blues, but Spotts, who was diagnosed with possible stressed-induced diabetes, saw drastic drops in his glucose levels. Geduldig hopes that within a few months, he’ll enter remission.

“The way I see it, when you’re adopting an animal from a shelter, you’re saving their life,” Geduldig says. “Whatever reason they’ve been put in there for, they deserve a second chance at having a family and a home. They have so much love to give. I know I gave these cats a home, but what the Humane Society did for me in letting me care for these animals probably made a greater impact on my life.”

Since this article was printed, Devon notified the shelter to announce that at Spott's last visit to the vet his diabetes has gone into remission.

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