Pet Food Bank: Partnership and Innovation


The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area (HSHA) has always offered a pet food bank for those pet owners struggling to feed their pets, with the goal of keeping more pets in their home and out of the Shelter.

At the start of the pandemic, HSHA wanted to make the pet food bank as accessible as possible, ensuring it was available to anyone struggling, including those who may have lost income due to COVID.

In April, online sign-up became available for the HSHA Pet Food Bank, allowing users to choose a convenient time slot, and the number and type of pets they need food for.   When they arrive, the food is ready for them to quickly and safely pick up.

Not soon after, the Pet Food Bank received funding from the Pennsylvania Animal Response Team (PART).  PART is Pennsylvania’s solution for emergency response for animals. From house fires to hurricanes, PART’s volunteer network takes care of the animals so emergency responders can focus on people.

PART saw that HSHA was helping keep pets in their homes and was seeing an increased demand in their pet food bank and wanted to help.

“We hope to assist HSHA’s mission of keeping pets out of the shelter and in their homes whenever possible,” said Sarah Speed, Executive Director of PART.  “HSHA has been a leader in innovative strategies to reconnect and support owners so we hope to support those efforts by supplementing the supplies.”

From April to December 2020, HSHA donated over 14,500 pounds of pet food to those in need in Central PA.  This helped to feed more than 275 pets!

Said Speed, “We are proud to partner with HSHA as we have for the last 13+ years to place victims of animal cruelty, respond to major disasters, and now get through this pandemic with as few surrendered pets as possible.”

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