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Microchip FAQ

October 5, 2020

A microchip is a small device (about the size of a grain of rice) that works as a transponder and is activated when a scanner is waved over the animal.  The microchip is inserted by a medical professional under the pet’s skin using a sterile needle.

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Understanding Cat Body Language

September 3, 2020

Reading cat body language depends on not only observing the cat’s body cues but also observing the surroundings where the body cues are happening.   The physical cues can have different meanings based on the context in which they are observed.  A cat uses body position, tail position, ears, eyes, whiskers and vocalization to communicate. 

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See a Dog in a Hot Car? Here is What You Can Do.

August 6, 2020

It is summer time in Pennsylvania 2020! While there are many things that are very different this year, one thing remains unchanged: high temperatures and humidity. We feel it whenever we walk out of the door, and you had better believe our pets feel it, too. Most pet lovers are aware of this and will take the proper precautions to protect our dearest companions. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone will take the risks of the heat seriously, and a pet may need a concerned citizen to intervene.

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Understanding Lyme Disease

August 5, 2020

Learn about Lyme Disease in dogs, how it is contracted, the signs and symptoms, and treatment options.

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Dog Body Language

July 6, 2020

What is your dog thinking?  Wouldn’t it be great if we knew what was going on in our dog’s head!  While we will never know what our dogs are thinking, there are some ways we can use a dog’s body language to try to interpret what they are feeling at the moment.

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Fleas: More Than a Nuisance!

June 3, 2020

Fleas can do a lot more than just make your pets itchy. Than can cause serious health problems.

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