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Looking for a fast-paced, exciting career in animal welfare?  Then the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area may be just what you are looking for.  Browse through our open positions and decide if you want to join our team.


HSHA is hiring full or part-time Veterinarians to join our dedicated team! We are a progressive animal shelter offering competitive compensation, flexible scheduling, and opportunities to expand your Veterinary experience.  Our highly qualified and dedicated staff are devoted to improving the quality of life of our shelter residents and all pets of the Harrisburg Area. If you are looking for a fulfilling opportunity to make a difference in your community while continuing to practice the Veterinary work you love, then read on and consider becoming a part of the growing HSHA family!

HSHA has a strong foundation in the local community, providing a variety of services including low-cost spay/neuter clinics, low cost vaccine clinics, examinations, and affordable medication. We have recently added 4,000 square feet to our facility for the expansion of our medical operations to include additional surgeries, x-rays, and other advanced veterinary services affordable to low income pet owners. Our objective is to provide necessary veterinary services to all animals in our community regardless of income.

Full-Time Clinic Veterinary Technician

Job Summary: The Veterinary Technician provides support and assistance to the Shelter Veterinarian. Together, the Shelter Med team (Vet
Techs, Vet Assistants, Med Team Leader, Shelter Veterinarian) is  responsible for assessing the overall health and welfare of all shelter residents.

1. Treats animals humanely, with love and concern both on and off the job and transmits these values to others.
2. Assists with daily cleaning, feeding, and medicating of the animals housed within the shelter medical department.
3. Assists the Shelter Veterinarian with surgery, including induction, intubation, surgical prep, monitoring, and recovery of all surgical patients.
4. Ensures the medical screening area and surgery room are cleaned and sanitized properly to prevent the spread of disease.
5. Performs routine vaccinations and microchipping on shelter residents.
6. Administers medication to shelter residents as directed by the Medical Team Leader and Shelter Veterinarian.
7. Performs rechecks on shelter residents during and after medical treatment.
8. Prepares samples and performs diagnostic tests (fecal analysis, urine analysis, blood work, snap tests, skin scrapes, etc).
9. Performs venipuncture and places IV catheters as directed by the Shelter Veterinarian.
10. Assists with taking radiographs.
11. Assists with emergency care and medical treatment of shelter residents as needed.
12. Ensures vaccination and medical information are properly recorded in the Pet Point and Neo software programs.
13. Ensure that all controlled substances are handled, stored, distributed, and logged following HSHA policy to comply with all DEA veterinary regulations and guidelines.
14. Assists the staff veterinarian at the shelter vaccine clinics as needed.
15. Maintains a high level of communication with other shelter staff (kennel department, adoption staff, and behavior team) in regard to the medical treatment of shelter residents.
16. Embraces a positive attitude at work and is willing to work toward and contribute to team success.
17. Approaches all interactions with coworkers, volunteers, and clients with compassion and respect.
18. Subscribes to and exemplify the values as defined within HSHA’s culture statement (Respect, Teamwork, Effective Communication, and Grace).
19. Other duties and responsibilities as needed.

Job Specifications:
1. Lifting: Must be able to lift supplies weighing up to 50 pounds; must be able to occasionally lift or maneuver animals weighing up to 120 pounds and must be able to handle/restrain large and/or uncooperative animals
2. Standing/Walking: Up to 75% of shift.
3. Reaching: Must be able to reach above head to handle animals in cages up to 25 pounds.
4. Bending/Stooping: Must be able to bend down to handle animals in cages at floor level.
5. Communication: Must have good interpersonal communication, time management and customer service skills.

The successful candidate will:
1. Be a graduate of an accredited veterinary technology program and/or have at least 1‐2 years of experience working as a Veterinary Technician.
2. Be detail oriented and a self‐starter.
3. Be able to successfully multi‐task in a fast‐paced work environment.
4. Have a positive attitude, a team player mentality, and a passion for serving the pets and people
of our community that are most in need.
***CVT or LVT/RVT preferred but not required to be considered for this position.


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