Surrendering Your Pet


Part of being a responsible pet owner is committing to care for your pets for the duration of their life. Sometimes pet owners experience challenging behaviors in their pets and may even consider giving their pet up to the HSHA as a result. Before turning to this option, consider contacting us for guidance and reviewing the information below to discover possible solutions to the problem. But, if you are forced to give up your pet, HSHA encourages you to make every effort to find it a new home with a family member, friend, co-worker, or other caring person.*  Please exhaust all possible options before coming to HSHA.

*Please note, for any pet(s) previously adopted from HSHA, a signed contract was completed at the time of adoption, stating that the pet(s) would be returned to HSHA if the adopter could no longer keep them. Please contact our Intake Center at 717-564-3320 option 2 to schedule a time to return the pet(s)

Consider these resources, tips, and tricks to prevent surrendering your animal to the shelter:

  • Call your local vet, or use this list of vets in our area, to make sure any unwanted behaviors are not a result of a medical condition/issue.
  • Local Pet-Friendly Housing Options
  • HSHA’s Pet Food Bank
  • Low-Cost Vaccine Clinics
  • Introducing your Cat to Other Pets
  • Cat Behavioral Problems – House Soiling
  • Crate Training 101
  • Bringing a New Dog Home
  • Potty Training Your Dog
  • First Time Dog Owner’s Guide to Success
  • Find an Animal Behavior Consultant in your area
  • Contact a local Dog Trainer

In the event that you have exhausted all possible options, contact HSHA at (717) 564-3320 to make a surrender appointment. Acceptance of surrendered animals is dependent on space and cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, a surrender fee is required to help defray the cost of caring for the animal. Surrender fees are: $122 for dogs (non-pit bull), $265.90 for pit bulls, and $135.70 for cats.


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