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Foster-to-Adopt: Goofin


Have you ever met a cat that wanted to be loved, but didn’t know how?   That’s Goofin. 

This five year old female black cat has had a hard life.   She lived in a home where she was one of 30 animals.  In February, she was rescued by the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area as part of a cruelty case.  She was sick and scared.  Several of her siblings were too sick to be saved.

As Goofin became a healthier cat, it became apparent that she had a long journey ahead to improve her trust in humans. Though never mean or aggressive, she was incredibly timid and shy. Since February, volunteers and staff have worked closely with Goofin to get her out of her shell.  She has been placed on a medication to help with her anxiety and we’ve seen definite progress. But we think it’s time she continues this journey in a home of her own, not in a shelter.  

Do not let her permanent grumpy face fool you as she enjoys head scratches and full body pets!!  It takes her several minutes of petting to truly relax.  Once she does she begins kneading, purring, and rolling over. Goofin likes to find a “safe place” to sit/lay and keep an eye on things. She’d love a cat tree by a window!

We are looking for an experienced cat owner, who is looking for a challenge and is willing to commit to helping Goofin become a confident and happy cat.  It may be a slow process, but rewarding as you see Goofin begin to blossom!

If you choose to Foster-to-Adopt, our Foster Care Coordinator will work with you to develop a plan for success.


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